Event Coordination

A Snappy Event is Charleston's premier event company for planning corporate events, social functions, and offering event services for groups of all sizes. A Snappy Event has a team of professionals offering event services that include event planning and design, event production, bartending services and large scale event coordination. Contact the A Snappy Event team today to learn more about our services and to see how we can assist with planning your next special event.


A promotion is another form of media much like a television or print ad, social/interactive ad or a special event.  The major difference with promotions is the "human element".  Promotions require a one-on-one engagement between at least two people at the point of purchase.  The point of purchase is any location where a product can be bought.  Promotions are an effective way to communicate a product’s features and benefits through brand education and often times a free sample.  The key to a successful promotion is in how effectively the promotion specialist engages the potential new customer. At A Snappy Event, we will present information with about your product to consumers with enthusiasm, increase demand for this product through education and price features, and differentiate it from other products. This can be accomplished through a variety of ways using both on-premise and off-premise marketing. A promotion is often the first time a consumer encounters your brand and you can never make a second first impression.  As a promotion specialist, it is our primary job to educate patrons about your brand and ultimately sell as much product as possible. 

MEC Trailer

Having everyone over for a big event but don’t want to have everyone in your living room? Our Mobile Entertainment Center (MEC) is the perfect solution. MEC is a trailer equipped with 5 TV’s hooked up to DirecTV, 4 taps for kegs, and storage for tables and chairs all within a portable trailer. Rent MEC for your next event, party, festival or tailgate.

Features (included in cost):

  • 5 TV’s (Individually controlled for their own channel)
  • 4 Keg taps for your favorite frosty beer
  • Two 8’ tables
  • Service Tech
  • Ability to hook up DVD and Video Game systems (devices not included)

Features (additional cost):

  • Up to 4 Kegs of your choice
  • Bartender
  • Cups
  • Chairs
  • Video Game Systems

Contact us to help you create a custom package that is right for your next event.